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The Science behind the Megaformer


Why is the Megaformer so effective?

  • Slow and controlled movement.  The key is to NOT use momentum.  Each phase of the exercise takes 4 seconds or more.  You minimize the risk for injury.  You wake up other muscles that have adapted to your traditional routines.  You load muscles for a longer amount of time which will increase strength gains.
  • Muscle failure.  Each set is designed to work a muscle group to “failure”.  Muscular failure is when muscles can no longer contract concentrically.  During a session you will start to recruit slow twitch muscle fibers first.  As the set progresses, those muscles fibers will weaken and your body will recruit fast intermediate fibers.  For the last seconds of  of your set, the body will recruit your fast twitch fibers to finish.  It is progressive overloading and creates the greatest metabolic response.
  • EPOC.  Exercise post-excessive oxygen consumption.  Studies show that the greatest fat loss happens AFTER the workout.  During EPOC the body is recovering and thus is consuming oxygen at an elevated rate.  Energy is being expended which also means an elevated consumption of fat.  This can continue for up to 38 hours after a workout.

The Megaformer workout is a full body workout which increases endurance, muscle tone, fat-burning, cardio, strength, and flexibility.

The Pilates Studio Las Vegas is currently the only studio in Las Vegas offering this incredible workout.  Contact the studio for class times and schedule.

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