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Pilates Mat Certification

The Pilates Mat method is one of the best physical conditioning techniques. The Mat exercises are challenging and effective for students of every level. It is essential that a Pilates Mat Instructor has a thorough understanding of all the nuances and modifications for beginning to advanced students.

The Pilates Studio Las Vegas will be offering a Pilates Mat Certification for students who would like to add more training to their practice as instructors or for their own knowledge to further their Pilates conditioning program. Participants in this Mat training will learn all of the Classical Mat exercises and some excellent variations to keep your classes exciting and cutting edge.

Course requirements are having a basic knowledge of essential Mat exercises. This course will go into great detail for each exercise. You will learn how to create mat classes that will flow from each movement to the next for a full body workout. You will also learn how to modify any movement for students who may have injuries, are pregnant, or who are just starting mat classes.

Tuition for this course is $650.00. You will be required to complete 25 student teaching hours and a Practical exam with Master Trainer Gracie Martinez.

Dates for this course are:

JUNE 9th, 10th, and 11th 2017
Hours will be 12noon-5pm.
 A $250 deposit will be required.

Contact us and sign up early to reserve your space.