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September 28, 2012
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Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Yoga!

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a women’s life. She will see and feel so many changes with her body. She may also be a little hesitant about what type of exercise to do. It is very important that she receives a medical release from her physician before she starts any exercise program.

Pilates and Yoga are among the best type of exercise because they are so low impact and can be modified as her pregnancy progresses. Besides focusing on strength and posture other benefits include:
-Maintenance of flexibility
-Developement of pelvic floor strength
-Prevention of Sciatic nerve pain and Carpal Tunnel
-Focus on breathing techniques which can assist during labor and delivery

All of the apparatus can be used during all 3 trimesters and special props are incorporated during her workout to keep her comfortable. As the pregnancy changes, modifications will be added to her program to keep her strong, without exhausting her too much.

After the new baby arrives, Pilates and Yoga will be essential in getting your “mommy body” back! When she is allowed to go back to a regular exercise program, the changes will be amazing. She will start feeling her core again, and her overall strength and tone will change dramatically.

It is very important to work with an instructor who has many years experience working with Pre and Post Natal clients. As a team you will both see your transformation begin and leave you with a sense of balance and well being.

September 11, 2012

New Site Launch!

The Pilates Studio, Las Vegas is proud to show off its new look!

After a much needed make over, The Pilates Studio is heading into the Fall season with a new look and a new feel to help our  clients with all their studio needs. A lot of changes are on the horizon as new classes, new equipment, and new bodies are moving through the space and an updated website was just the place to capture all the excitement!

So take a look through the site and remember, this is only the first phase!! Please give us feedback by leaving a comment below so we can make it EVEN BETTER!!