The Pilates Studio, Las Vegas

Sebastien Lagree is coming to The Pilates Studio Las Vegas to kick off our 30-day Holiday Challenge!


The Pilates Studio Las Vegas is bringing Sebastien Lagree  the founder of Lagree Fitness to Las Vegas on Saturday October 26, 2013 to kick off our 30-day Holiday Challenge.  We are also celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary of Lagree Fitness (formerly SPX Pilates) and Megaformer classes.  Clients that want to look and feel fabulous for the holidays will start their 30-day quest with Sebastien Lagree teaching their first session.  This group will work out four times a week with Gracie Martinez on the Megaformer, Hollywood’s Hottest Workout and apparatus evolutionized by celebrity fitness guru Sebastien Lagree, and will have 2 consultations with Stephanie Shelburne about their holiday diet strategy.  You can also take a single class that day and experience one of the most amazing workouts and feel how your body can be transformed.

Join us and learn how to stay healthy through the holidays and enjoy yourself guilt free – not to mention that sexy body you’ll be rockin’.  Healthy appetizers will be served and kickin music from a guest DJ.   

A portion of the proceeds from our 30-day challenge will benefit The Jared Foundation.  As a leader in the fight to help children learn life-long healthy diet and exercise habits, The Jared Foundation provides programs for children ages 6-14 with support tools for parents, educators and healthcare professionals.  Today more than 5 million children in the US are overweight and it’s a growing epidemic.

If you’ve been looking for something new to inspire your daily workouts, you’re just in time to get ready for the holiday party scene and family gatherings. Stop in and try a Megaformer class.  You’ll be happy you did and for having a healthy holiday season!

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