The Pilates Studio, Las Vegas


Hollywood’s hottest workout comes to Las Vegas!  Sebastien Lagree, celebrity fitness guru, has evolutionized fitness by creating this completely unique apparatus and workout.  You will not find this in any other studio in Las Vegas.

During this 45 minute workout you will focus on complete muscle fatigue with slow controlled movement that will engage every muscle in your body.  The results are amazing.  You can expect to:

  • Train muscles to failure effectively
  • Focus on slow twitch muscle fibers which are also fat burning fibers
  • Increase your cardio and endurance
  • Improved muscle tone and definition
  • Increased metabolism
  • Increase flexibility

Lagree Fitness has been the hottest celebrity workout in Los Angeles for years and is now offered in Las Vegas, all over the US, the UK, Hong Kong, and Australia.  Space is very limited for this class.  Will be available in November 2012.